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Anaïs Nin

Auletris contient deux histoires inédites d'Anaïs Nin, des textes érotiques retrouvés à la faveur d'une vente aux enchères à Baltimore et traduits pour la première fois en français. Écrits pour un mystérieux collectionneur au début des années 40, ils possèdent toute...

Parution : 2018-10-04
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The Veiled Woman

Anaïs Nin

'What did she expect of him? What was her quest? Did she have an unfulfilled desire?'Transgressive desires and sexual encounters are recounted in these four pieces from one of the greatest writers of erotic fiction.Penguin Modern: fifty new books celebrating the...

Parution : 2018-02-22
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Eros Unbound

Anaïs Nin

A naïve model slowly discovering her sexuality; an erotic moonlight encounter on a beach; a man teaching the art of passion in a gypsy caravan; and a woman in love with a scent from Fez – Anaïs Nin’s stories explore the nature of sex and the awakening of desire. United...

Parution : 2007-08-02
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Little Birds

Anaïs Nin

Anais Nin's second volume of erotic short stories is broader in scope, encompassing the entire breadth of human sensuality. Each of the 13 stories captures a moment of pure desire, in all its complexity and paradoxical simplicity.

Parution : 2002-02-28
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Henry and June

Anaïs Nin

Drawn from journals, this book is an account of a woman's sexual awakening, covering a single momentous year - 1931-32, in Paris, when June fell in love with Henry Miller, undermining her own idealized marriage. The question of the outcome of June Miller's return to...

Parution : 2001-10-25
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A Spy In The House Of Love

Anaïs Nin

Beautiful, bored and bourgeoise, Sabina leads a double life inspired by her relentless desire for brief encounters with near-strangers. Fired into faithlessness by a desperate longing for sexual fulfilment, she weaves a sensual web of deceit across New York. But when...

Parution : 2001-08-30
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Delta of Venus

Anaïs Nin

In Delta of Venus Anaïs Nin conjures up a glittering cascade of sexual encounters. Creating her own 'language of the senses', she explores an area that was previously the domain of male writers and brings to it her own unique perceptions. Her vibrant and impassioned...

Parution : 2000-03-30

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