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Télécharger le livre :  If I Die Before I Wake

If I Die Before I Wake

Emily Koch

HOW DO YOU SOLVE YOUR OWN MURDER?Everyone believes Alex is in a coma, unlikely to ever wake up. As his family debate withdrawing life support, he can only listen.But he soon begins to suspect that his accident wasn’t really an accident. Even worse, the perpetrator is...

Parution : 2018-01-04
Télécharger le livre :  The Inner Life of Animals

The Inner Life of Animals

Peter Wohlleben

Can horses feel shame? Do deer grieve? Why do roosters deceive hens? We tend to assume that we are the only living things able to experience feelings but have you ever wondered what’s going on in an animal’s head? From the leafy forest floor to the inside of a bee hive,...

Parution : 2017-10-19
Télécharger le livre :  The Phoenix and the Carpet

The Phoenix and the Carpet

E. Nesbit

‘Rain, rain, go away,’ said Anthea; ‘but it never DOES go’I expect you know how boring it can be to stay indoors on rainy days. it was on one of those dull days that the five children accidentally set their nursery on fire (with fireworks). No one thought that that...

Parution : 2017-10-05
Télécharger le livre :  The Enchanted Castle

The Enchanted Castle

E. Nesbit

'If we were in a book it would be an enchanted castle - certain to be'When Jerry, Jimmy and Kathleen are forced to spend their entire summer at school they don't imagine they will have a particularly interesting time. But that's before they stumble upon a mysterious...

Parution : 2017-10-05
Télécharger le livre :  Six Minutes in May

Six Minutes in May

Nicholas Shakespeare

A fascinating and dramatic investigation into the events that led to Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister against the odds.‘A gripping story of Churchill’s unlikely rise to power’ Observer London, May 1940. Britain is under threat of invasion and Neville...

Parution : 2017-10-05
Télécharger le livre :  HELP


Simon Amstell

'A beautiful and clever book about being human' Russell BrandCOMEDY. TRAGEDY. THERAPY. Simon Amstell did his first stand-up gig at the age of thirteen. His parents had just divorced and puberty was confusing. Trying to be funny solved everything. HELP is the hilarious...

Parution : 2017-09-21
Télécharger le livre :  The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve

The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve

Stephen Greenblatt

Selected as a book of the year 2017 by The Times and Sunday TimesWhat is it about Adam and Eve’s story that fascinates us? What does it tell us about how our species lives, dies, works or has sex?The mythic tale of Adam and Eve has shaped conceptions of human origins...

Parution : 2017-09-14
Télécharger le livre :  Unwinnable


Theo Farrell

A SUNDAY TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR Afghanistan was an unwinnable war. This definitive account explains why.It could have been a very different story. British forces could have successfully withdrawn from Afghanistan in 2002, having done the job they set out to do: to...

Parution : 2017-09-07
Télécharger le livre :  Late Essays

Late Essays

J.M. Coetzee

A fascinating collection of essays on literary subjects ranging from Daniel Defoe to Samuel Beckett by a Nobel and Booker Prize-winning writerLate Essays gathers together J.M. Coetzee’s literary essays from 2006 to 2017. The subjects covered in this stunning collection...

Parution : 2017-09-07
Télécharger le livre :  Little Lord Fauntleroy

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Frances Hodgson Burnett

‘And so this is little Lord Fauntleroy’Ceddie is a regular little boy living in New York with his mother, until the day a tall, old gentleman arrives to give him some startling news. Ceddie, it turns out, is the child of a great English family. He must go to England to...

Parution : 2017-08-03
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