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High Performance Computing for Geospatial Applications

Wenwu Tang , Shaowen Wang

This volume fills a research gap between the rapid development of High Performance Computing (HPC) approaches and their geospatial applications. With a focus on geospatial applications, the book discusses in detail how researchers apply HPC to tackle their...

Parution : 2020-07-20

Protected Areas in Northern Tanzania


Northern Tanzania is an important and diverse ecological and cultural region with many protected lands. This book, Protected Areas inNorthern Tanzania, brings to the forefront research on significant issues and developments in conservation and...

Parution : 2020-05-21
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Geospatial Technologies in Land Resources Mapping, Monitoring and Management

G. P. Obi Reddy , S. K. Singh

This book offers an overview of geospatial technologies in land resources mapping, monitoring and management. It consists of four main sections: geospatial technologies  - principles and applications; geospatial technologies in land resources mapping; geospatial...

Parution : 2018-09-11

Trends in Spatial Analysis and Modelling

Martin Behnisch , Gotthard Meinel

This book is a collection of original research papers that focus on recent developments in Spatial Analysis and Modelling with direct relevance to settlements and infrastructure. Topics include new types of data (such as simulation data), applications of methods to...

Parution : 2017-10-24

GIS and Environmental Monitoring

Stavros Kolios , Chrysostomos Stylios , Andrei V. Vorobev , Gulnara R. Vorobeva

This book constitutes a notable contribution to investigate and present the capabilities of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their applicability and usefulness in environmental-related applications and sciences. The focus is on the design, creation, development...

Parution : 2017-06-07

Citizen Empowered Mapping

Jamal Jokar Arsanjani , Michael Leitner

This book promotes the exploitation of novel and emerging approaches for mapping environmental and urban informatics empowered by citizens. Chapters are grouped in three sections representing the main subjects. The first section describes data acquisition and modeling....

Parution : 2017-05-29

Sensing the Past

Nicola Masini , Francesco Soldovieri

This book provides a complete overview of novel and state of art sensing technologies and geotechnologies relevant to support management and conservation of CH sites, monuments and works of art. The book is organized in an introduction stating the motivations and...

Parution : 2017-04-06

Environmental Planning for Oceans and Coasts

Michelle Eva Portman

This book informs environmental planning professionals, students and those interested in oceans and coasts from an environmental perspective about what is needed for planning and management of these unique environments. It is comprised of twelve chapters organized in...

Parution : 2016-05-09

Urban Sustainability: Policy and Praxis

Jay D. Gatrell , Nancy Hoalst-Pullen , Ryan R. Jensen , Mark W. Patterson

This book explores the environmental, economic, and socio-political dynamics of sustainability from a geographic perspective. The chapters unite the often disparate worlds of environment, economics, and politics by seeking to understand and visualize a range of...

Parution : 2016-03-05

Computational Approaches for Urban Environments

Marco Helbich , Jamal Jokar Arsanjani , Michael Leitner

This book aims to promote the synergistic usage of advanced computational methodologies in close relationship to geospatial information across cities of different scales. A rich collection of chapters subsumes current research frontiers originating from disciplines such...

Parution : 2015-01-22

Health, Science, and Place

Amy J. Blatt

The main focus of this monograph is synthesizing the importance of geographic approaches to public health and patient care. The chapters are organized into four themed sections:  the role of geography in health care reform; the geographies of human health;...

Parution : 2014-11-21

Forensic GIS

Jamison Conley , Gregory A. Elmes , George Roedl

A variety of disciplines and professions have embraced geospatial technologies for collecting, storing, manipulating, analyzing and displaying spatial data to investigate crime, prosecute and convict offenders, exonerate suspects and submit evidence in civil lawsuits....

Parution : 2014-07-08

Geospatial Technologies and Climate Change


Geospatial Technologies and Climate Change describes various approaches from different countries on how to use geospatial technologies to help solving climate change issues. It also details how different geospatial technologies (remote sensing, Geographical Information...

Parution : 2013-12-13

Crime Modeling and Mapping Using Geospatial Technologies

Michael Leitner

Recent years in North America have seen a rapid development in the area of crime analysis and mapping using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. In 1996, the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) established the crime mapping research center (CMRC), to...

Parution : 2013-01-19

Geospatial Tools for Urban Water Resources

Patrick L. Lawrence

This book examines the application of geotechniques to address a wide range of issues facing urban water resources. Growing populations leading to urbanization and related development have lead to problems associated with water quality, storm water management, flood...

Parution : 2012-09-04

Automating the Analysis of Spatial Grids

Valliappa Lakshmanan

The ability to create automated algorithms to process gridded spatial data is increasingly important as remotely sensed datasets increase in volume and frequency. Whether in business, social science, ecology, meteorology or urban planning, the ability to create...

Parution : 2012-06-14


Mathias Lemmens

Geomatics, the handling and processing of information and data about the Earth, is one geoscience discipline that has seen major changes in the last decade, as mapping and observation systems become ever more sensitive and sophisticated. This book is a unique and...

Parution : 2011-08-03

Geospatial Analysis of Environmental Health

Juliana A. Maantay , Sara Mclafferty

This book focuses on a range of geospatial applications for environmental health research, including environmental justice issues, environmental health disparities, air and water contamination, and infectious diseases. Environmental health research is at an exciting...

Parution : 2011-03-18

Geospatial Technologies in Environmental Management

Nancy Hoalst-Pullen , Mark W. Patterson

Geotechnologies and the Environment: Environmental Applications and Mana- ment presents an engaging and diverse array of physically-oriented GIScience applications that have been organized using four broad themes. While the book’s themes are by no means mutually...

Parution : 2010-09-27

Geospatial Techniques in Urban Hazard and Disaster Analysis

Yongmei Lu , Pamela S. Showalter

This book is the second in a series that examines how geographic information te- nologies (GIT) are being implemented to improve our understanding of a variety of hazard and disaster situations. The main types of technologies covered under the umbrella of GIT, as used...

Parution : 2009-11-11

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