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Revitalizing Indian Agriculture and Boosting Farmer Incomes

Ashok Gulati , Ranjana Roy , Shweta Saini

This open access book provides an evidence-based roadmap for revitalising Indian agriculture while ensuring that the growth process is efficient, inclusive, and sustainable, and results in sustained growth of farmers’ incomes. The book, instead of looking for...

Parution : 2021-04-06

The Digitalization Conundrum in India

Keshab Das , Madhabananda Das , Bhabani Shankar Prasad Mishra

This book examines the nature, extent and implications of rapid strides digitalization has made in India since the turn of the millennium.  These have been examined not merely in the sphere of information and communication technology (ICT) but its multifarious...

Parution : 2021-04-02

Agro and Food Processing Industry in India

Seema Bathla , Elumalai Kannan

This book provides different facets of India's agro and food processing industry in both organised and unorganised segments. It brings forth the topical issues having potential to accelerate the pace of growth in its employment, investment...

Parution : 2021-01-04

Development Challenges of India After Twenty Five Years of Economic Reforms

Nripendra Kishore Mishra

This book revisits some of the persisting challenges of development of India, which remain unresolved even after twenty-five years of economic reforms and almost fifteen years of high growth rate. These include defining purpose of development, inequality, labour, work,...

Parution : 2020-10-14

Assessing Performance of Banks in India Fifty Years After Nationalization

Sanjoy De , Atanu Sengupta

This book assesses the performance of banks in India over the past several decades, and discusses their current status after fifty years of nationalization. The performance of different categories of banks is evaluated by employing both the traditional ratio analysis...

Parution : 2020-04-21

Agricultural Growth and Rural Poverty Reduction in India

Seema Bathla , Pramod Kumar Joshi , Anjani Kumar

This book provides a blueprint for the allocation of public expenditures “in” and “for” agriculture at the dis-aggregated state level and suggests a reorientation in favour of disadvantaged regions where the marginal returns on additional investments would be...

Parution : 2020-03-19
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Inclusive Innovation

Keshab Das , Rajeswari S. Raina

This book discusses the role of inclusive innovation for development in rural India. It uses the evidence of innovation in the context of skewed or limited livelihood options and multiple knowledge systems to argue that if inclusive innovation is to happen, the actors...

Parution : 2020-02-27

Accelerators of India's Growth—Industry, Trade and Employment

Suresh Chand Aggarwal , Rashmi Banga , Deb Kusum Das

This book offers a collection of distinguished contributions that identify current growth accelerators in India, and suggest policies and strategies to make India’s growth more sustainable and inclusive. The papers are divided into three sections, the first of which...

Parution : 2020-02-14

Risk-Return Relationship and Portfolio Management

Raj S. Dhankar

This book covers all aspects of modern finance relating to portfolio theory and risk–return relationship, offering a comprehensive guide to the importance, measurement and application of the risk–return hypothesis in portfolio management. It is divided into five parts:...

Parution : 2019-10-24

Agrarian Change and Urbanization in Southern India

Sheetal Patil , Seema Purushothaman

This book takes readers on a journey through the evolution of agricultural communities in southern India, from their historical roots to the recent global neo-liberal era. It offers insights into a unique combination of themes, with a particular focus on agrarian change...

Parution : 2019-08-28

India and the Knowledge Economy

Anand Kulkarni

This book asks fundamental questions about the extent to which India is participating in the global shift towards knowledge-based forms of competitiveness. It charts Indian performance and progress using a unique framework benchmarked against fourteen other countries....

Parution : 2019-08-24

Indian Economy: Reforms and Development

Pradip Kumar Biswas , Panchanan Das

The book presents a comprehensive study of the impact of policy reforms on output, employment, and productivity growth across sectors of India since 1991. It showcases varied responses from different sectors as they faced different degrees of policy interventions, and...

Parution : 2019-08-09

Climate Change and Future Rice Production in India

Krishna Reddy Kakumanu , Udaya Sekhar Nagothu , K. Palanisami , C. R. Ranganathan

This book explains in depth the issues and challenges faced by rice farmers in India in relation to production and productivity, and the possible adaptation strategies to climate change. Based on five years of groundbreaking research on emerging trends in cultivation...

Parution : 2019-07-04

Non-Banking Financial Companies Role in India's Development

Saumitra Bhaduri , R. Kannan , K. R. Shanmugam

This book examines the trend and growth of non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), both from balance sheet and regulations view-points. It further investigates the role of NBFCs in furthering financial inclusion, last-mile delivery of credit and their contribution to...

Parution : 2019-06-11

Understanding Corporate Risk

P. K. Jain , M. V. Shivaani , Surendra S. Yadav

This book proposes three normative frameworks pertaining to risk-measurement, disclosure and governance using expert opinion and data from the top 429 non-financial companies (of the NIFTY 500 index) over a 10-year period. The book offers a novel contribution to...

Parution : 2019-06-06

Growth, Disparities and Inclusive Development in India

Rajendra P. Mamgain

The book critically examines the high growth trajectory in India, particularly since the late 1980s, a period which is characterized by increasing inequality. Through various studies from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh -- a state more populous than Brazil and with a...

Parution : 2019-04-11

Policy Impacts on Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of Indian Education

Jatinder S. Bedi

The book focuses on the state of education and on the levels of inequality among gender, rural–urban and social groups. Taking into account the various findings from existing literature on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of education, it uses empirical findings...

Parution : 2018-11-27

Public Budgeting in India

Gayithri Karnam

This book explores public budgeting in India. As government finances play an important role in the social and economic development of a nation, it focuses on public budgeting in the context of India.  The respective chapters not only discuss the underlying...

Parution : 2018-11-03

Critique of the New Consensus Macroeconomics and Implications for India

Dilip M. Nachane

The thought-provoking book presents alternative viewpoints to mainstream macroeconomic theory, questions conventional policy wisdom and suggests a systematic re-orientation of current macroeconomic and financial regulatory policies in India.The New Consensus...

Parution : 2018-11-02

Low Carbon Pathways for Growth in India

Kuntala Bandyopadhyay , Rajat Kathuria , Saon Ray

This book explores ways in which India can negotiate the low carbon path  up until 2030, when it is expected to be the largest economy after the US and China. It comprehensively reviews the low climate pathways for India and provides a guide to the pathways that...

Parution : 2018-08-01
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