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Land Cover and Land Use Change on Islands

Javier Arce-Nazario , Philip H. Page , Diego Riveros-Iregui , Stephen J. Walsh

Globalization is not a new phenomenon, but it is posing new challenges to humans and natural ecosystems in the 21st century. From climate change to increasingly mobile human populations to the global economy, the relationship between humans and their environment is...

Parution : 2020-07-16

Urban Galapagos

Justyna Karakiewicz , Thomas Kvan

This book addresses the future of urbanisation on the Galapagos Islands from a systems, governance and design perspective with the competing parameters of liveability, economic and ecological, using the Galapagos as a laboratory for the theoretical and postulative...

Parution : 2018-11-09
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Understanding Invasive Species in the Galapagos Islands

María De Lourdes Torres , Carlos F. Mena

This book investigates the introduction of invasive species and their behavior in oceanic islands. How can we define invasive species? What is their history? How did they come to dominate and transform ecosystems? These are relevant questions when trying to understand...

Parution : 2018-02-15

Sustainable Energy Mix in Fragile Environments

Mary-Ellen Tyler

The purpose of this book is to present a range of cases and comparison of the issues, insights and cases emerging from the Sustainable Energy Mix Summit in the Galapagos that offer a better understanding of energy mix in fragile environments from a variety of...

Parution : 2018-02-14

Disease Ecology

Patricia G. Parker

This book provides the first collection of chapters written by scientists who have contributed to the understanding of disease ecology in the Galapagos Islands, an iconic and historic natural site. The Galapagos Archipelago straddles the equator in the eastern Pacific...

Parution : 2017-10-26

Darwin, Darwinism and Conservation in the Galapagos Islands

Diego Quiroga , Ana Sevilla

The book explores how Darwin´s legendary and mythologized visit to the Galapagos affected the socioecosystems of the Islands, as well as the cultural and intellectual traditions of Ecuador and Latin America. It highlights in what way the connection between Darwin and...

Parution : 2016-10-03

The Galapagos Marine Reserve

Judith Denkinger , Luis Vinueza

This book focuses on how marine systems respond to natural and anthropogenic perturbations (ENSO, overfishing, pollution, tourism, invasive species, climate-change). Authors explain in their chapters how this information can guide management and conservation actions to...

Parution : 2014-01-24

Science and Conservation in the Galapagos Islands

Carlos F. Mena , Stephen J. Walsh

In this launch of the Galapagos series, this book provides a broad “framing” assessment of the current status of social and ecological systems in the Galapagos Islands, and the feedback that explicitly links people to the environment.  It also highlights the challenges...

Parution : 2012-12-05

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