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Pro Angular 9

Adam Freeman

This book has accompanying online files for Angular 9 and 10; all examples in the book work without changes in Angular 10.Welcome to this one-stop-shop for learning Angular. Pro Angular is the most concise and comprehensive guide available, giving you the knowledge you...

Parution : 2020-06-12

Pro ASP.NET Core 3

Adam Freeman

Now in its 8th edition, Pro ASP.NET Core has been thoroughly updated for ASP.NET Core 3. This comprehensive, full-color guide is the only book you need to learn ASP.NET Core development! Professional developers get ready to produce leaner applications for the ASP.NET...

Parution : 2020-06-06

Microsoft Blazor

Peter Himschoot

Build web applications in C# and Microsoft .NET that run in any modern browser. This second edition is updated to work with the release version of Blazor and covers Blazor’s use in creating both server-side and WebAssembly Blazor applications. Developers are able to use...

Parution : 2020-05-29

Building React Apps with Server-Side Rendering

Mohit Thakkar

Leverage the benefits of both client-side and server-side rendering to get the most out of your React applications. By the end of this book you will be able to build and deploy React applications using the Next.js framework to fully render server-side HTML on every Web...

Parution : 2020-04-02

Advanced Robotic Vehicles Programming


Learn how to program robotic vehicles with ardupilot libraries and pixhawk autopilot, both of which are open source technologies with a global scope. This book is focused on quadcopters but the knowledge is easily extendable to three-dimensional vehicles such...

Parution : 2020-02-03

Essential Angular for ASP.NET Core MVC 3

Adam Freeman

Combine the strengths of Angular, the leading framework for developing complex client-side applications, and ASP.NET Core MVC 3, the latest evolution of Microsoft’s framework for server-side applications. This new edition offers updated Angular, ASP.NET Core 3, Entity...

Parution : 2019-10-23
Télécharger le livre :  Empower Decision Makers with SAP Analytics Cloud

Empower Decision Makers with SAP Analytics Cloud

Vinayak Gole , Shreekant Shiralkar

Discover the capabilities and features of SAP Analytics Cloud to draw actionable insights from a variety of data, as well as the functionality that enables you to meet typical business challenges. With this book, you will work with SAC and enable key decision makers...

Parution : 2020-09-28
Télécharger le livre :  Intermediate C Programming for the PIC Microcontroller

Intermediate C Programming for the PIC Microcontroller

Hubert Henry Ward

Delve into the exciting world of embedded programming with PIC microcontrollers in C. The key to learning how to program is to understand how the code works – and that is what you’ll learn here. Following C Programming for the PIC Microcontroller,...

Parution : 2020-09-28
Télécharger le livre :  Deploying AI in the Enterprise

Deploying AI in the Enterprise

Eberhard Hechler , Martin Oberhofer , Thomas Schaeck

Your company has committed to AI. Congratulations, now what? This practical book offers a holistic plan for implementing AI from the perspective of IT and IT operations in the enterprise. You will learn about AI’s capabilities, potential, limitations, and challenges....

Parution : 2020-09-25
Télécharger le livre :  Roguelike Development with JavaScript

Roguelike Development with JavaScript

Andre Alves Garzia

Go on an adventure and build a roguelike from scratch using JavaScript. With the help of the battle-tested Phaser library, you’ll go through all the steps to build a small, fun, playable web roguelite game. The author will guide you on how to add further features to the...

Parution : 2020-09-25
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