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The Elements We Live By

Anja Røyne

WINNER OF THE 2018 BRAGE PRIZE'Perfect popular science . . . not just a well-written story about the elements, but a book about being human in the world today'Åsmund H. Eikenes, author of Splash: A History of Our BodiesWe all know that we depend on elements for survival...

Parution : 2020-06-11
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Braiding Sweetgrass

Robin Wall Kimmerer

'A hymn of love to the world ... A journey that is every bit as mythic as it is scientific, as sacred as it is historical, as clever as it is wise' Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, LoveAs a botanist, Robin Wall Kimmerer has been trained to ask questions of...

Parution : 2020-04-23
Télécharger le livre :  The History of the Countryside

The History of the Countryside

Oliver Rackham

From its earliest origins to the present day, this award-winning, beautifully written book describes the endlessly changing character of Britain's countryside.'A classic' Richard MabeyExploring the natural and man-made features of the land - fields, highways, hedgerows,...

Parution : 2020-03-19
Télécharger le livre :  Six Weeks to Zero Waste

Six Weeks to Zero Waste

Kate Arnell

We are in the midst of a worldwide waste epidemic, where the average person in the UK throws away their own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks. The figure looks even worse at national level with the UK producing more than 100 million tonnes of waste every year.We...

Parution : 2020-01-02
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Landscape Considerations in Spatial Planning


The landscape is a vital spatial and material frame for our natural and man-made environment and is considered by many stakeholders to be one of the most important aspects of a healthy, enjoyable life. This book deals with the current trends in the theory of the...

Parution : 2019-11-18
Télécharger le livre :  Turning the Boat for Home

Turning the Boat for Home

Richard Mabey

Britain's most-influential nature writer reflects on a lifetime of close observation and celebrates the positive force of the natural world.From the rediscovery of foraging that led to Food for Free, through his groundbreaking expeditions in the 'edgelands' in the...

Parution : 2019-10-03
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Edward Posnett

‘An exceptional first book; Harvest is a subtle, fascinating braiding of travel, cultural and natural history … It is a pleasure and an education to journey with him in these pages’ Robert MacfarlaneIn a centuries-old tradition, farmers in northwestern Iceland scour...

Parution : 2019-08-08
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James Lovelock

James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia hypothesis and the greatest environmental thinker of our time, has produced an astounding new theory about future of life on Earth. He argues that the anthropocene - the age in which humans acquired planetary-scale technologies - is,...

Parution : 2019-07-04
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Julian Hoffman

For readers of George Monbiot, Mark Cocker and Robert Macfarlane - an urgent and lyrical account of endangered places around the globe and the people fighting to save them.All across the world, irreplaceable habitats are under threat. Unique ecosystems of plants and...

Parution : 2019-06-27
Télécharger le livre :  Never Home Alone

Never Home Alone

Rob Dunn

A natural history of the wilderness in our homes, from the microbes in our showers to the crickets in our basementsEven when the floors are sparkling clean and the house seems silent, our domestic domain is wild beyond imagination. In Never Home Alone, biologist Rob...

Parution : 2018-11-06
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