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Télécharger le livre :  Explore PSE: Health and Wellbeing for CfE Teacher Book

Explore PSE: Health and Wellbeing for CfE Teacher Book

Calum Campbell , Ian Geddes , Pauline Stirling

Pick up and teach the Explore PSE course with ease, whether you are a specialist or non-specialist PSE teacher.> Save time planning: A mini lesson plan outlining the learning outcomes, assessment opportunities and links to CfE Experiences & Outcomes is included for each...

Parution : 2021-02-01
Télécharger le livre :  Explore PSE: Health and Wellbeing for CfE Student Book

Explore PSE: Health and Wellbeing for CfE Student Book


Syllabus: CfE (Curriculum for Excellence, from Education Scotland) and SQALevel: BGE S1-3 (Second, Third and Fourth Levels), National 4 and National 5Subject: PSE (Health and Wellbeing)Empower Scotland's young people to feel prepared for the opportunities and challenges...

Parution : 2021-02-01

Poland towards its Southern Neighbours

Przemyslaw Waingertner

This is another publication from the series devoted to Polish political reflection on the integration of Central and Eastern Europe. The reader will find here texts of historians, political scientists, and experts in the field of international relations. The texts...

Parution : 2020-12-22

The Palgrave Handbook of Co-Production of Public Services and Outcomes

Tony Bovaird , Elke Loeffler

This Handbook provides a comprehensive and authoritative account of the movement towards co-production of public services and outcomes, a topic which has recently become one of the most intensely debated in public management and administration, both in practice and in...

Parution : 2020-11-23

Minorities and State-Building in the Middle East

Paolo Maggiolini , Idir Ouahes

This book offers fresh insights to enhance and diversify our understanding of the modern history of the state and societies in today’s Jordan, while also providing examples of why and how scholars can challenge the static and discursively government-minded approaches to...

Parution : 2020-10-19

Multilingualism and Politics

Katerina Strani

This edited book makes a significant contribution to the relatively under-explored field of multilingualism and politics, approaching the topic from two key perspectives: multilingualism in politics, and the politics of multilingualism. Through the lens of case studies...

Parution : 2020-08-07

Land and Housing Controversies in Hong Kong

Kam-Por Yu , Betty Yung

This book discusses land and housing controversies in Hong Kong, which offer a point of reference for the comparison and analysis of similar or contrasting cases overseas from the perspective of social values. It enhances readers’ understanding of the social values,...

Parution : 2020-07-16

Partnerships for Livable Cities

Ank Michels , Cor Van Montfort

In this volume scholars from around the world discuss the innovative forms of collaboration between public and private actors that contribute to making our cities more liveable. It offers helpful insights into the practices of partnerships and the ways in which...

Parution : 2020-06-29

Chinese National Identity in the Age of Globalisation

Lu Zhouxiang

Written by a team of international scholars from China, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK, this book provides interdisciplinary studies on the construction and transformation of Chinese national identity in the age of globalisation. It addresses a wide range of...

Parution : 2020-06-04

Sanctuary Regions and the Struggle for Belonging

Zeina Sleiman-Long

This book argues that local governments and institutions across the state of California that offer various forms of sanctuaries to undocumented immigrants create “sanctuary regions.” These regions are safe zones for undocumented immigrants and facilitate their ability...

Parution : 2020-05-04

Designing for Inclusion

Hua Dong , Ann Heylighen , Patrick Langdon , Jonathan Lazar

This proceedings book presents papers from the 10th Cambridge Workshops on Universal Access and Assistive Technology. The CWUAAT series of workshops have celebrated a long history of interdisciplinarity, including design disciplines, computer scientists, engineers,...

Parution : 2020-04-16

Identity, Institutions and Governance in an AI World

Peter Bloom

The 21st century is on the verge of a possible total economic and political revolution. Technological advances in robotics, computing and digital communications have the potential to completely transform how people live and work. Even more radically, humans will soon be...

Parution : 2020-01-10
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Immigration, Environment, and Security on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Lisa Meierotto

This book examines the convergence of conservation and security efforts along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona. The author presents a unique analysis of the history of Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, a federally protected border wilderness area. Beginning in...

Parution : 2019-12-05

Peacebuilding and the Arts

Hal Culbertson , Theodora Hawksley , Jolyon Mitchell , Giselle Vincett

"Ending violent conflict requires societies to take leaps of political imagination. Artistic communities are often uniquely placed to help promote new thinking by enabling people to see things differently. In place of conflict’s binary divisions, artists are often...

Parution : 2019-11-19

Der Europaeische Rechnungshof – Rechtsstellung und Befugnisse

Karsten-Kristian Heudtlaß

Der Europäische Rechnungshof gehört trotz seiner verfassungsrechtlichen Stellung als Unionsorgan zu den im europarechtlichen Schrifttum vernachlässigten Institutionen der Europäischen Union. Dieser Band widmet sich einerseits der Stellung des Rechnungshofes im...

Parution : 2019-11-13

Arguing About Britain and Europe in Parliamentary Discourse

Marlene Herrschaft-Iden

Since the fateful referendum in 2016, Brexit dominates British politics. This book focuses on the parliamentary discourse of the allegedly most pro-European British political party, the Liberal Democrats. Combining a political discourse analysis with a Cultural Studies...

Parution : 2019-11-12

Visions of Peace of Professional Peace Workers

Gijsbert M. Van Iterson Scholten

This book explores the meaning of peace according to (some of) the people who make it. Based on some 200 interviews, it empirically studies the visions of peace that professional peaceworkers from the Netherlands, Lebanon and Mindanao (Philippines) are working on. As...

Parution : 2019-10-11

Citizenship on the Margins

Yonique Campbell

This book critically explores the impact of national security, violence and state power on citizenship rights and experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean. Drawing on cross-country analyses and fieldwork conducted in two “garrisons,” a middle-class community and...

Parution : 2019-09-26

Contestations of Liberal Order

Jukka Jouhki , Marko Lehti , Henna-Riikka Pennanen

This volume explores the Western-led liberal order that is claimed to be in crisis. Currently, the West appears less as a modernizing or civilizing entity leading the way and more as being engulfed in a deep crisis. Simultaneously, the West still appears to be needed in...

Parution : 2019-08-14
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