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Love in Colour

Bolu Babalola

'Time was constructed with love in mind. Time and love are intertwined, they are both measures of life, two clocks. And, for love to operate as it should, it is imperative that the timing should be right. Just as it is in these stories.'Bolu Babalola takes the most...

Parution : 2020-08-20
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Dancers on the Shore

William Melvin Kelley

'There is no need of prophesying that Mr. Kelley will one day be among the best American short story writers. Dancers on the Shore proves that he already is' New York Herald TribuneIn 1964, two years after the critically lauded release of his debut novel A Different...

Parution : 2020-08-06
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Calm With Horses

Colin Barrett

NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTUREArm, an ex-boxer with a haunted past and a fractured present, finds himself the tool of the notorious Devers family. But when an opportunity to break free and offer his family a new life arises, his actions can’t be without consequence. First...

Parution : 2020-07-09
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Rescue Me

Cathy Bramley

Curl up with Sunday Times bestseller Cathy Bramley and this joyful free short story about friendship, love and hope! Fearne Lovage is living a neat and tidy life. Sure, the inner circle of people she opens up to is small - but it's perfectly formed of people she loves....

Parution : 2020-06-16
Télécharger le livre :  Welcome to the Monkey House

Welcome to the Monkey House

Kurt Vonnegut

A diabolical government asserts control by eliminating orgasms from sex in the title story of Welcome to the Monkey House, which gathers together twenty-five of Kurt Vonnegut’s short stories from the 1950s and 1960s. Shot through with Vonnegut’s singular humour, wit and...

Parution : 2020-06-04
Télécharger le livre :  A Nest of Gentlefolk and Other Stories (riverrun editions)

A Nest of Gentlefolk and Other Stories (riverrun editions)

Ivan Turgenev

This riverrun edition of Turgenev's most accomplished stories contains A Nest of Gentlefolk, A Quiet Backwater, First Love, and A Lear of the Steppes - the defining masterpieces of his career. Justly celebrated as a novelist, playwright, and poet, these stories...

Parution : 2020-04-16
Télécharger le livre :  H. P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction

H. P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction

H. P. Lovecraft

Written between the years 1917 and 1935, this collection features Lovecraft's trademark fantastical creatures and supernatural thrills, as well as many horrific and cautionary science-fiction themes, that have influenced some of today's writers and filmmakers, including...

Parution : 2020-07-08
Télécharger le livre :  Edgar Allan Poe: The Complete Collection

Edgar Allan Poe: The Complete Collection

Edgar Allan Poe

This ebook compiles Edgar Allan Poe's complete tales and poems, such as "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket", "The Fall of the House of Usher", "The Tell-Tale Heart", "The Raven" and "The Cask of Amontillado". This edition has been professionally...

Parution : 2020-07-06
Télécharger le livre :  A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean, miserable, bitter old man with no friends. One cold Christmas Eve, three ghosts take him on a scary journey to show him the error of his nasty ways. By visiting his past, present and future, Scrooge learns to love Christmas and the people all...

Parution : 2020-07-06
Télécharger le livre :  Franz Kafka: The Best Works

Franz Kafka: The Best Works

Franz Kafka

This ebook compiles Franz Kafka's greatest writings, including novels, novellas, short stories and parables such as "Amerika", "The Trial", "The Metamorphosis", "The Castle", "In the Penal Colony", "A Hunger Artist" and "The Great Wall of China". This edition has been...

Parution : 2020-07-06
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