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In The Heights

Quiara Alegria Hudes , Jeremy Mccarter , Lin-Manuel Miranda

The eagerly awaited follow-up to the #1 New York Times bestseller Hamilton:The Revolution, Lin-Manuel Miranda's new book gives readers an extraordinary inside look at In the Heights, his breakout Broadway debut, written with Quiara Alegría Hudes, soon to be a Hollywood...

Parution : 2021-06-15

Contemporary Theatre Education and Creative Learning

Mark Crossley

This book considers the state of contemporary theatre education in Great Britain is in two parts. The first half considers the national identities of each of the three mainland nations of England, Scotland, and Wales to understand how these differing identities are...

Parution : 2021-05-31

20 Ground-Breaking Directors of Eastern Europe

Marvin Carlson , Kalina Stefanova

Directors have long been the main figures on Eastern European stages. During the last three decades some of the most outstanding among them have risen to international stardom thanks to their ground-breaking productions that speak to audiences far beyond local borders....

Parution : 2021-05-21

Irish Anglican Literature and Drama

David Clare

This book discusses key works by important writers from Church of Ireland backgrounds (from Farquhar and Swift to Beckett and Bardwell), in order to demonstrate that writers from this Irish subculture have a unique socio-political viewpoint which is imperfectly...

Parution : 2021-05-19

Dramatism and Musical Theater

Kimberly Eckel Beasley , James P. Beasley

Dramatism and Musical Theater: Experiments in Rhetorical Performance is an innovative workbook for both students and teachers in advanced communication performance. Meeting at the nexus of English composition, advanced rhetoric, theater, music, and drama, this book...

Parution : 2021-04-13
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Tovah Feldshuh

This heartwarming and funny memoir from a beloved actress tells the story of a mother and daughter whose narrative reflects American cultural changes and the world's shifting expectations of women.From Golda to Ginsburg, Yentl to Mama Rose, Tallulah to the...

Parution : 2021-04-13

Affects in 21st-Century British Theatre

Mireia Aragay , Cristina Delgado-García , Martin Middeke

This book explores the various manifestations of affects in British theatre of the 21st century. The introduction gives a concise survey of existing and emerging theoretical and research trends and argues in favour of a capacious understanding of affects that mediates...

Parution : 2021-04-09

Border-Crossing and Comedy at the Théâtre Italien, 1716–1723

Matthew J. Mcmahan

How do nationalized stereotypes inform the reception and content of the migrant comedian’s work?How do performers adapt? What gets lost (and found) in translation? Border-Crossing and Comedy at the Théâtre Italien, 1716-1723 explores these questions in an...

Parution : 2021-03-30

Hoelderlin’s Poltergeists

Simon A Thomas

Depicting the literary, erotic, political and clinical trajectory of the Swabian Frühromantiker Friedrich Hölderlin (1770–1843), Solomon’s shapeshifting study presents an audacious English «remix» of Stephan Hermlin’s 1970 radio drama Scardanelli, amplifying the complex...

Parution : 2021-03-24
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Breaking into Acting For Dummies

Larry Garrison , Wallace Wang

Understand the business side of your showbiz career  We all know acting can be a glittering whirl of glamour—plush red carpets, simply divine outfits, huge sums of money, and oh, the parties! But what a lot of wannabe actors forget is that it takes a lot of practical...

Parution : 2021-03-23

The Colonial Public and the Parsi Stage

Rashna Darius Nicholson

The Colonial Public and the Parsi Stage is the first comprehensive study of the Parsi theatre, colonial South and Southeast Asia’s most influential cultural phenomenon and the precursor of the Indian cinema industry. By providing extensive, unpublished information...

Parution : 2021-02-27

Site, Dance and Body

Victoria Hunter

How does the moving, dancing body engage with the materials, textures, atmospheres, and affects of the sites through which we move and in which we live, work and play?How might embodied movement practice explore some of these relations and bring us closer...

Parution : 2021-02-05

Understanding Im/politeness Through Translation

Maria Sidiropoulou

This book offers a unique window to the study of im/politeness by looking at a translation perspective, which offers a different set of data and allows further understanding of the phenomenon. In the arena of real-life translation practice, the workings of im/politeness...

Parution : 2021-02-01

Performance and Dementia

Nicky Hatton

This book explores how theatre and performance can change the way we think about dementia and some of the environments in which dementia care takes place. Drawing on the author’s creative practice and other performance projects in the UK, it explores some of the...

Parution : 2021-01-28

Derrida | Benjamin

Fred Dalmasso , John Schad

Within the work of both Jacques Derrida and Walter Benjamin there is a buried theatricality, a theatre to-come. And in the last fifteen years there has been a growing awareness of this theatricality. To date, though, there has not been a published stage play about...

Parution : 2021-01-25

Anton Walbrook

James Downs

Viennese-born actor Adolf Wohlbrück enjoyed huge success on both stage and screen in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s, becoming one of the first truly international stars. After leaving Nazi Germany for Hollywood in 1936, he changed his name to Anton Walbrook and then...

Parution : 2021-01-21

Stage Business and the Neoliberal Theatre of London

Alex Ferrone

This book examines contemporary English drama and its relation to the neoliberal consensus that has dominated British policy since 1979. The London stage has emerged as a key site in Britain’s reckoning with neoliberalism. On one hand, many playwrights have denounced...

Parution : 2021-01-21


Lisa Woynarski

This book addresses theatre’s contribution to the way we think about ecology, our relationship to the environment, and what it means to be human in the context of climate change. It offers a detailed study of the ways in which contemporary performance has critiqued and...

Parution : 2020-11-25

Eugenics and Physical Culture Performance in the Progressive Era

Shannon L. Walsh

This book strives to unmask the racial inequity at the root of the emergence of modern physical culture systems in the US Progressive Era (1890s–1920s).This book focuses on physical culture – systematic, non-competitive exercise performed under the direction of an...

Parution : 2020-11-16

Art and Dance in Dialogue

Marie-Louise Crawley , Katerina Paramana , Imogen Racz , Sarah Whatley

This interdisciplinary book brings together essays that consider how the body enacts social and cultural rituals in relation to objects, spaces, and the everyday, and how these are questioned, explored, and problematised through, and translated into dance, art, and...

Parution : 2020-11-07
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